Our Skills


Take a piece of Kenya with you. 

Creation Hive’s clay used for ceramic beads and tiles is dug by our artisans in a region near Lake Victoria, in western Kenya. The clay is then brought to our workshop, where it is sieved, molded, bisque fired, glazed and then given a final firing. The clay is used to make JEWELRY and CERAMIC products.

jewelry and ceramics

Handmade Paper Crafts

Artisans are keeping alive the ancient art of HANDMADE PAPER.  

Our paper is made from locally sourced, recycled paper, papyrus reeds, and banana fiber. 

The papermarking process involves pulping, sieving (molding), pressing, drying, and finishing (cutting) the raw material. 

All these activities are done by hand at our Eldoret workshop. 

Reimagined Glass

In our dedication to making our planet a better place, we have created a product line called REIMAGINED GLASS. 

This line comprises of drinkware and home decor made from ‘reimagined’ wines and spirits bottles. 

Glass bottles that are unable to be recycled are collected and repurposed into useful decorations. This helps to reduce roadside trash  and landfill space.


Show your colors! 

Our TAILORING department creates memorable garments, bags, accessories, and home goods using the rich colored kitenge and kikoy patterned fabrics produced in Africa. 


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