Our Mission

EMPOWER people to their own economic success.

INSPIRE individuals to dream big and reach their potential.

CREATE crafts in the areas of upcycling, textiles, ceramics, jewelry, and handmade paper.

SUPPORT each other facing similar challenges by providing a loving and accepting environment.

TEACH entrepreneurial, financial literacy, and hands-on skills.

About Us

Creation Hive was born out of the desire to inspire, prepare and employ individual/families affected by life changing diseases. Our goal is to serve underserved communities by helping them succeed in the local and global economy.

Made by Hand

Stand out from the crowd with creatively designed and unique crafts and merchandise

Fair Trade

Our social enterprise advocates for higher standards for marginalized artisans in Kenya.

Locally Sourced Material

Handmade crafts made from the finest locally sourced material from around Africa.

Our Products

Welcome to Krafti, a jaunty little theme we made specifically for your brand new arts & crafts or handicraft website.

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